Next Gen SOAR

Intelligent Human Orchestration for Cyber security Incident Remediation & Readiness


Single Pane of glass for normalization of incidents stream.


Enrichment, Simplification, Categorization & Prioritization .


Incident remidiation with automated playbook deployment.

Continuous Readiness

Make Smarter Decision.

Cannon Cyber integrates all of an organization's security tools and related infrastructure with its existing people and processes to orchestrate faster, more effective incident response and threat management.

This helps the organization accelerate and streamline incident response processes by centralizing all relevant event data in one platform and automating standardized workflows.

Our Differentiators


Point Solutions

Security Analysts have to deal with scores of products with point solutions that don't tell them how to remediate the problem, A Normalized view of the actions to be taken is Critical.

Significant % of Incoming Incidents is Noise

SecOps have to wade through loads of false positives to figure out the genuine incidents and take action , Alert Fatigue is a real thing in SoC-Ops.

Incident Management

Organizations need to think about not only the remediation of Incoming incidents, but also about a strategy to protect themselves against tomorrow's incidents!.

Do you know the Persona?

Intent based Incident Response entails Simplification, Categorization and acceleration of the remediation process.

Intuitive Workflows

Current Security Operations face a significant amount of delays in turnaround times due to several stakeholders, processes and dependancies.

Day Zero Value

Customers are frustrated with more number of products on the block which don't recognize the customer's pain of having to deal with slew of products.